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T hat True Lord is always with you . . . He Himself shall forgive you, and merge you into Himself; forever cherish and contemplate God.

M editate on the Lord, Har, Har, O my beloved; follow the Guru's Teachings, and speak of the Lord. Apply the Touchstone of Truth to your mind, and see if it comes up to its full weight. No one has found the worth of the ruby of the heart; its value cannot be estimated.

A ll impurity comes from doubt and attachment to duality. (SGGS, p. 475) O mind, give up the love of duality. The Lord dwells within you; serving the Guru, you shall find peace. . . . Meditating on the Naam with a pure mind, the Door of Liberation is found.

C ompassion for all the creatures is the essence of acts of pilgrimage of sixty eight holy places and charity.

O ne who understands himself finds the Mansion of the Lordís Presence within his own home. Imbued with the True Lord, Truth is gathered in.

M y kingdom is eternally stable. My wealth is inexhaustible and permanent . . . My Father has revealed Himself within me. The Father and son have joined together in partnership. . . . Says Nanak, when my Father is pleased, then the Father and son are joined together in love, and become one.

T he virtuous person merges in the Virtuous Lord; his forehead bears the insignia of the Naam, the Name of the Lord. The true person merges in the True Lord; his comings and goings are over. The true person realizes the True Lord, and is imbued with Truth. He meets the True Lord, and is pleasing to the Lordís Mind. No one else is seen to be above the True Lord; the true person merges in the True Lord.

T he lord of the World is the Mender of the broken. He Himself cherishes all beings. The cares of all are on His Mind; no one is turned away from Him. O my mind, meditate forever on the Lord. The Imperishable Lord God is Himself All-in-all.

H e is the Destroyer of pain, the Eradicator of fear, the Sovereign Lord King. He is the Greatest Lover, the Merciful Master, the Enticer of the mind, the Support of His devotees ó this is His very nature.

T he True One is pervading each and every heart. He Himself unites us in Union with Himself; the True Mansion of His Presence is close at hand.

G od does not come or go; He is All-pervading and permeating.

H e is known to be Immortal, Unborn and Permanent; the True Mansion of His Presence is everlasting.

Y ou are the One Lord, the One and Only Lord, pervading all places and interspaces . . . countless, uncountable beings meditate on the Lord. Blessed, blessed are those Saints and Holy People of the Lord, who are pleasing to the Creator Lord God.

S ri Guru Granth Sahib Ji the Sikh Holy Scriptures begin with the number 1 (One) indicating that there is only One God. This means that there is only one Force. There is no other force or power running parallel to the One Force to God.

Bhai Gurdaas Ji in Vaars Bhai Gurdaas Ji writes: ďBy writing 1 (One) in the beginning, it has been shown that Ik OanKaar, God, who subsumes all forms in Him is Only One. Ura, the first Gurmukhi Letter of the alphabet, in the form of OanKaar shows the world controlling power of that One Lord.Ē The One God or Waheguru created all mankind and everything else. We are all His Creation

Sikhism 7106 | 

W hen the True Lord Himself grants forgiveness, then one does not have to enter the cycle of reincarnation again He does not have to enter the cycle of reincarnation again, and he is emancipated in the end; as Gurmukh, he obtains glorious greatness

Sikhism 7105 | 
The cycle of reincarnation is taken away when the True Lord Himself forgiveness. As human beings we too should forgive and let go. With the True Lords forgiveness so much can be gained. Letís be of the calibre that He forgives us so we too can be glorious in our ventures

D onít blame others, O people as you plant, so shall you harvest By your actions, you have bound yourself You come and go, entangled in Maya

Sikhism 7104 | 
When things go wrong donít look to find blame in others. What happens in oneís life be it financial problems or physical ailments these are a result of our past actions. Forgive those who have done wrong to you rather than find blame and fault in them for things going wrong in oneís life. Good actions will bring happy times and contentment in oneís life

T hose who focus their consciousness on the True Guru are perfectly fulfilled and famous Spiritual wisdom wells up in the minds of those unto whom the Lord Himself shows Mercy Those who have such destiny written upon their foreheads obtain the Name of the Lord

Sikhism 7103 | 
Guru Arjan Dev Ji the fifth Guru writes this shabaad. One who focuses his / her attention on the Almighty God will be fulfilled and He will show mercy and forgive. Those who had this written in their destiny obtain the Naam of Waheguru

E xcruciating pain, countless killings, reincarnation, poverty and terrible misery are all destroyed by meditating in remembrance on the Lordís Name, O Nanak, just as fire reduces piles of wood to ashes

Sikhism 7102 | 
ANG 1355 SGGSJi 
Guru Arjan Dev Ji the fifth Guru tells us again that meditation is important in our lives. Meditation destroys oneís pains; and gets one out of the cycle of reincarnation. Through meditation one is forgiven. One must mediate daily

I f there is birth, then there is death. If there is pleasure, then there is pain. If there is enjoyment, then there is disease If there is high, then there is low. If there is small, then there is great If there is power, then there is pride. If there is egotistical pride, then there will be a fall Engrossed in worldly ways, one is ruined Meditating and vibrating on the Lord of the Universe in the Company of the Holy, you shall become steady and stable. Nanak vibrates and meditates on the Lord God

Sikhism 7101 | 
ANG 1354 SGGSJi 
Always remember the One God through meditation and the high and lows; sadness and happiness; etc will not affect one. One should take ego out of them and make this life worthwhile by accepting His hukum (command)

K indness as their deity, and forgiveness as their chanting beads - they are the most excellent people

Sikhism 7100 | 
ANG 1245 SGGSJi 
To be kind is seen as an attribute to Waheguru: the True Guru and forgiveness a rosary. Do not hurt anyone and be willing to forgive those who are unkind to you

O my mind, meditate on the Name of the One Lord The happiness of all happiness shall well up, and in the Court of the Lord, you shall be dressed in robes of honor

Sikhism 7099 | 
Time and time again one is reminded to meditate. Guru Arjan Dev Ji the fifth Guru reminds us that if one meditates then one is forgiven and received with the utmost respect and honour in His court

T hose who are imbued with the Lordís Name, in the Saadh Sangat, cross over the terrifying world-ocean The corrupting sins of birth and death are eradicated, and no stain ever sticks to them again

Sikhism 7098 | 
Keep company of the truthful people and cross over this world ocean. The cycle of birth and death will be wiped out and no marks of dirt (bad deeds) will remain on you

T he humble servants of the Lord are exalted and elevated, forever on high; they are adorned with the Word of the Guruís Shabad O Nanak, He Himself forgives them, and merges them with Himself; throughout the ages, they are glorified

Sikhism 7097 | 
The True Lord loves His devotees and keeps them lofty. The devotees who follow the Word of the Guruís Shabad (Guru Jiís teachings), the True Lord Himself forgives them and keeps them close to Him

S eek the Support of the One Lord, and surrender your soul to Him; place your hopes only in the Sustainer of the World

Sikhism 7096 | 
Look nowhere else for support other than Waheguru: the True Lord. Surrender your soul to Him and let Him guide and sustain you

M editating in remembrance on the Lord, the darkness is illuminated. Dwelling on His Glorious Praises, the ugly sins are destroyed Enshrining the Lord deep within the heart, and with the immaculate karma of doing good deeds, one strikes fear into the demons The cycle of coming and going in reincarnation is ended, absolute peace is obtained, and the Fruitful Vision of the Lordís Darshan He is Potent to give Protection, He is the Lover of His Saints. O Nanak, the Lord God blesses all with bliss

Sikhism 7095 | 
ANG 1355 SGGSJi 
Guru Arjan Dev Ji the fifth Guru tells us of the importance of mediation and the karma of good deeds. If one wants to end this cycle of reincarnation then one must be engaged in doing good deeds that are acceptable to Waheguru: the True God. This way one becomes blessed by Him

T o practice forgiveness is the true fast, good conduct and contentment

Sikhism 7094 | 
Forgiveness is not something one can do easily especially if hurting from the act of wrong doing. One has to learn to forgive as we all make mistakes and we learn through our mistakes. Learn to forgive and move on. Life will be more acceptable

H umility is the word, forgiveness is the virtue, and sweet speech is the magic mantra

Sikhism 7093 | 
ANG 1384 SGGSJi 
How does one capture the True Lord? By oneís manner. So when one is humble and one forgives; when oneís speech is sweet and has kind words; then the One Lord can be reached and the devotee can become one with Him

V ibrate, and meditate on the Merciful Divine Lord in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy; renounce your intellectual mind

Sikhism 7092 | 
Keep company of the Saadh Sangat (truthful people) and oneís mind will become like theirs. Listen to the teachings of the True Lord

H e is the Supreme Lord God, the Transcendent Lord, the Lord of the Universe the Treasure of mercy, compassion and forgiveness

Sikhism 7091 | 
The True Lord dwells in His creation, He sees all and He knows All. There is nothing one can hide from Him. He is very forgiving, so ask for forgiveness and more importantly learn to forgive. We all make mistakes, and make decisions for wrong reasons. Ask for forgiveness and He forgives

T hose who have truth as their fast, contentment as their sacred shrine of pilgrimage, spiritual wisdom and meditation as their cleansing bath Kindness as their deity, and forgiveness as their chanting beads - they are the most excellent people

Sikhism 7090 | 
ANG 1245 SGGSJi 
There are not many of those described above. There are only a few and they are truly blessed by Waheguru: the True God. Be truthful, kind, knowledgeable, wise and most importantly learn to forgive as this can be challenging and not an easy thing to do

O Nanak, God forgives him, and blends him with Himself; he does not rot away in the womb of reincarnation ever again

Sikhism 7089 | 
ANG 1245 SGGSJi 
The True Lord forgives when one asks for forgiveness of a wrong doing. He forgives and hugs one to Himself. He saves one from the cycle of life and death, the cycle of coming and going. When we ask for forgiveness He holds onto us. When He forgives why canít we?

K abeer, where there is spiritual wisdom, there is righteousness and Dharma. Where there is falsehood, there is sin Where there is greed, there is death. Where there is forgiveness, there is God Himself

Sikhism 7088 | 
ANG 1372 SGGSJi 
Kabeer Ji reminds us that where there is forgiveness, God Himself is present. We all make mistakes and we learn from mistakes. Once we forgive we get closer to the True Lord. Stay away from greed and the false. Keep company of the holy truthful people, forgive and move on

T he Gurmukh (follower of the Guruís teachings) grows the crop of forgiveness, while the self-willed manmukh (one who is self centred) loses even his roots

Sikhism 7087 | 
One who follows the teaching of the Guru forgives and in doing so obtains the love of the True Lord. Forgiving those who have done wrong by you is not easy as ego and pride gets in the way. Forgive and a weight is lifted off oneís shoulders

I take pride in You, O my Darling Beloved I am a sinner, continuously making mistakes; You are the Forgiving Lord

Sikhism 7086 | 
One makes mistakes and sins are even committed. Yet the True Lord is forgiving. Learn from the mistakes and sins and make an effort not to do the same again. As He has already taken the step to forgive why canít we

W aheguru Himself instructs those who are misguided, when He casts His Glance of Grace Guru Nanak says, those who are not blessed by His Glance of Grace, cry and weep and wail

Sikhism 7085 | 
ANG 1421 SGGSJi 
Make friends with the sat sangat (the truthful ones) and do not look down on others. He loves and He forgives. Appreciate that it is with Waheguruís blessings that one continues to live under His grace. Without His grace one would live in sorrow and sadness

S o erase your duality and hold tight to forgiveness and you will not have to endure the torture of karma or religious rituals

Sikhism 7084 | 
Forgive and let go of duality. This way one is enlightened and the mind is steady. Then bad karma stays away from one

R emembering the Lord in meditation, all pains and sorrows vanish

Sikhism 7083 | 
If one wants to be in bliss and wants all the pains to vanish then one must remember Waheguru: the True God in meditation. Meditate whenever you can and He will be by your side and sorrows will dispel

F ruitful is the life, the life of one who hears about the Lord, and chants and meditates on Him; he lives forever

Sikhism 7082 | 
ANG 1019 SGGSJi 
In this life one has the chance to pray and be one with Waheguru: the True God. Those who pray and meditate have understood the purpose of this life. They are the True Ones whom He accepts as His own. They do not die to be reborn again. Remember Him daily through meditation so you too live forever

N o one has ever found satisfaction in sin and corruption The flame is not satisfied by more fuel; how can one be satisfied without the Lord?

Sikhism 7081 | 
When one is intoxicated with the pleasures of wealth one remains engrossed in it and oneís eyes see nothing else. In sin no one has ever been satisfied. It is safe to conclude that the mortal cannot be content without the True Lord. One would be with the True Lord at all times

O my ears, you were created only to hear the Truth To hear the Truth, you were created and attached to the body; listen to the True Bani Hearing it, the mind and body are rejuvenated, and the tongue is absorbed in Ambrosial Nectar

Sikhism 7080 | 
Do not let your ears hear anything that can be slanderess or causes ill will. The True Lord gave one these ears to hear the truth and the true Shabad (teachings of the Gurus). Let your ears hear the True Shabad and be one with the True Lord

T he storehouse is inexhaustible and immeasurable, overflowing with priceless jewels and rubies

Sikhism 7079 | 
One should make efforts to obtain the treasure of spiritual knowledge that we have been blessed with through the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Ė Sikh Holy Scriptures. Guru Arjan Dev Ji the fifth Guru tells that the storehouse is available to all and we should all access it and learn of the priceless treasure of Gurbani

M ortals are known by their actions; this is the way it has to be They should show goodness, and not be deformed by their actions; this is how they are called beautiful Whatever they desire, they shall receive; O Nanak, they become the very image of God

Sikhism 7078 | 
ANG 1245 SGGSJi 
Our actions are judged and we are either beautiful or not. To be beautiful our actions should be those of good deeds and truthful living. Once the True Lord accepts one as beautiful all his / her desires will be fulfilled and they become one with Him

T hat humble being, who sings and meditates on the Praises of his Lord and Master, is the dwelling-place of God He is blessed with great good fortune; the Lord abides in his mind. Good karma radiates from his forehead

Sikhism 7077 | 
The True Lord and Master comes and resides in the one who is humble and sings the praises the True Lord. His visual projection radiates his good fortune and karma. One should be humble and sing praises of the True Lord at all times

T he treasure of the Name is in the Sat Sangat, the True Congregation. There, the Lord is found By Guruís Grace, the heart is illumined, and darkness is dispelled

Sikhism 7076 | 
ANG 1244 SGGSJi 
Guru Nanak Dev Ji the first Guru again emphasises the need to keep company of the Sat Sangat (the truthful ones) in order to find the True Lord. In such company darkness is dispelled and the True Lord is attained

H e lives a long life, but is reincarnated again and again; he has not met with the Lord

Sikhism 7075 | 
What use is a long life that has not remembered the True Lord. When one has not meditated and prayed, has not kept company of the Saadh Sanghat (holy people), has spent their life chasing things that will be left behind when they die, that life has been wasted. One will be caught in the cycle of life and death

H e may remain devoted to worship and adoration, bowing his forehead to the floor, practicing the six religious rituals He indulges in egotism and pride, and falls into entanglements, but he does not meet the Lord by these devices

Sikhism 7074 | 
One may show their commitment to the True Lord through various acts of devotion. But inside ego dwells. One cannot meet the True Lord through acts only, one has to be totally devoted and lead the life of a truthful person. Remember Him truly and do away with ego, pride and materialistic things

I have seen the world to be such a gambler; all beg for peace, but they forget the Naam, the Name of the Lord.

Sikhism 7073 | 
This life is the time to be one with Him yet one wastes it by not remembering the One who has created all. The creator gave life, sustenance and clothes to wear. How can peace be obtained when one does not remember Him the True God. Remember Him through prayers and meditation and peace can be attained

A cting in egotism, peace is not obtained The intellect of the mind is false; only the Lord is True

Sikhism 7072 | 
Do not fall into the pit of duality. Ego is an intellect of the mind, it is the belief that one is better than the others in wealth, family, etc. Only the True Lord is True and above all. Remain humble and peace will be obtained

E arning a thousand, he runs after a hundred thousand Satisfaction is not obtained by chasing after Maya

Sikhism 7071 | 
Chasing after maya (delusion, wealth) one is never satisfied. Give up the chase of materialistic things and concentrate on good deeds and worship the True God

R enouncing wrongful actions, following the Guruís teachings, you shall be absorbed into the Perfect One

Sikhism 7070 | 
One should perform good deeds and lead a life of truthfulness then only will one merge into the Perfect One

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