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A s you plant, so shall you harvest. Without virtue, this human life passes away in vain

Sikhism 7069 | 
Another reminder by Guru Nanak Dev Ji the first Guru that what deeds one does will be recorded. These deeds will dictate what will happen in the future. One should perform good deeds and truthful acts so that if reincarnated then these are taken into account and life will be enhanced

S erving the True Guru brings a deep and profound peace, and oneís desires are fulfilled Abstinence, truthfulness and self-discipline are obtained, and the body is purified; the Lord, Har, Har, comes to dwell within the mind Such a person remains blissful forever, day and night. Meeting the Beloved, peace is found

Sikhism 7068 | 
In order to attain bliss one should serve their Guru (Spiritual teacher). In doing so one is at peace and oneís desires are fulfilled. Remember Har - The True God and He will come and dwell within you. Eternal peace will be found

T hat body is said to be pure, in which the True Name abides One whose body is imbued with the Fear of the True One, and whose tongue savors Truthfulness is brought to ecstasy by the True Lordís Glance of Grace. That person does not have to go through the fire of the womb again

Sikhism 7067 | 
One who follows Waheguruís: the True Godís instructions; practices truthfulness and performs good deeds will be noticed by the True God. That way one does not enter the cycle of rebirth. Follow Guru Jiís instructions and one is saved from reincarnation

D o only that, by which no filth or pollution shall stick to you Let your mind remain awake and aware, singing the Kirtan of the Lordís Praises.

Sikhism 7066 | 
At all times remember that Waheguru: the True God sees everything. All of oneís actions should be of good deeds and thoughts. Join the company of the Holy and sing the praises of the True God so oneís mind remains awake and aware

I n the realm of humility, the Word is Beauty Forms of incomparable beauty are fashioned there

Sikhism 7065 | 
Guru Nanak Dev Ji the first Guru describes the realm of humility through spiritual effort. With meditation the singing of His praises and repeating Waheguru: the True Lord, the mind can be moulded. This is where the mind can be moulded to reflect His beauty

T he world is being consumed by this hidden fire, but Maya does not cling to the Lordís devotees

Sikhism 7064 | 
One should realise that materialistic things are not capable of giving complete satisfaction. Materialism has become the root cause of almost every personís inward unhappiness. However, in contrast, remembering the True Lord through meditation of singing His praises will take one towards perfections and attaining fulfilment. Do not get side tracked in maya remember Him and the materialistic things will not bother you

T his human body has been given to you This is your chance to meet the Lord of the Universe Nothing else will work Join the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy; vibrate and meditate on the Jewel of the Naam

Sikhism 7063 | 
Guru Arjan Dev Ji the fifth Guru tells us that we have been given a human body and now is the chance to meet the True Lord. We can do all sorts of things but the only way is in the company of the Saadh Sanghat (the true Holy people) when one prays and meditated on His Naam. Keep company of the Saadh Sanghat and achieve what you are here for

O ne who eradicates cruelty from within his own mind looks upon all the world as his friend

Sikhism 7062 | 
When one criticises someone, they forget that they may have the same evil or wrong in themselves. Negative criticism is destructive and harmful. One should endeavour to cleanse oneself and remove the cruelty from within and look at others as friends

S ing the Praises of God, O Saints, O friends, with total concentration and one-pointedness of mind

Sikhism 7061 | 
When one sits in the company of the Saadh Sanghat (company of the Holy) and sings the praises of The True Lord, one should sit with full attention and in a one-pointed mind. One must concentrate on the True Lord and not let the mind wander around. In order to have a one-pointed mind one should start by getting up early, bathing and sitting in meditation remembering the True Lord

H ow can Your Creative Potency be described?

Sikhism 7060 | 
Here Guru Nanak Dev Ji reiterates his message that the creative force of the Devine is beyond human comprehension. He alone knows what is best for us. One should accept what He does and forever be in His awe

R enounce your cleverness, and your cunning tricks Seek the Support of the Perfect Guru

Sikhism 7059 | 
Man uses cunningness and cleverness to achieve self praise. Guru Arjan Dev Ji says to renounce these and seek the support of Waheguru: the Perfect Guru to guide one to success through a truthful and honest living

I n the True Court, he is forever True; with love, he chants the True Word of the Shabad

Sikhism 7058 | 
When one is in the company of the Holy and the Truthful people one chants the True Word of the Shabaad (Text from the Holy scriptures) enhancing their spiritual intellect. One should keep company of the Holy and chant shabads whenever one can

S eeing that this world on fire, I have hurried to the Sanctuary of the Lord I offer my prayer to the Perfect Guru: please save me, and bless me with Your glorious greatness

Sikhism 7057 | 
All around us are engaged in duality and want more and more. Materialistic things are more important and the giver of life is forgotten. So as this world is burning in the fire of ego and possession seek the Sanctuary of the Lord. He will save you and bless you with santokh (to be content)

O my mind, the world comes and goes in birth and death; only the True Name shall emancipate you in the end

Sikhism 7056 | 
Guru Amar Das Ji the third Guru says that one should memorise that the world comes and goes bound by reincarnation. The only thing that one takes with them after death is the Naam: meditations on Waheguru: the True Lord. Remember Him daily in prayers and meditation

C hant and meditate on the Guru, the Guru, O my friend Your face shall be radiant in the Court of the Lord.

Sikhism 7055 | 
When one remembers Waheguru: the True Lord through chanting and meditating, the True Lord is pleased with them. Guru Arjan Dev Ji says that their faces will be radiant in the Court of the Lord. Make meditation and prayers part of your daily routine and be accepted by the True Lord

T he only thing which is pleasing, O Nanak, is that which inspires one to meditate on the Name of the Master

Sikhism 7054 | 
One is surrounded by many pleasing and immoral things. Guru Arjan Dev Ji the fifth Guru tells us that these will only last for a moment. The only thing that should be pleasing to the mind is what inspires one to meditate and remember the True Lord

I n the Society of the Saints, egotism is shed and the One Lord is seen everywhere

Sikhism 7053 | 
Guru Arjan Dev Ji the fifth Guru reminds us again that when in the company of the Holy, one is not egotistical. One becomes humble and starts to see the True Lord everywhere in His creation

M illions of sins are wiped away by the dust of the feet of the Saints By the Grace of the Saints, one is released from birth and death

Sikhism 7052 | 
ANG 188 Ė 189 SGGSJi 
Keeping company of the Holy helps with spiritual enlightenment. When one is in the company of the saints, good virtues are attained and reincarnation is eliminated

T he Guru has given me the Mantra of the Name of the Lord My worries are forgotten, and my anxiety is gone

Sikhism 7051 | 
Guru Arjan Dev Ji the fifth Guru says that the devotee has been given the mantra. This mantra (simran) is repeatedly reciting Godís name. He has many names and one is Waheguru: the True Lord. When simran becomes part of oneís life then worries are forgotten and anxiety is gone. Remember Him daily and be in bliss

C hant Waaho! Waaho! to the Lord, who is True, profound and unfathomable Chant Waaho! Waaho! to the Lord, who is the giver of virtue, intelligence and patience Chant Waaho! Waaho! to the Lord, who is permeating and pervading in all Chant Waaho! Waaho! to the Lord, who is the Giver of sustenance to all O Nanak, Waaho! Waaho! - praise the One Lord, revealed by the True Guru

Sikhism 7050 | 
Praise Waheguru: the One True Lord for all that one has. He provides for all: small, large, in water, in the air, on the land and in the soil. He will be revealed only through a Guru (a spiritual teacher). Only when one follows the Guruís teachings and praises the True Lord will He be revealed

T he filth of countless incarnations sticks to this mind; it has become pitch black The oily rag cannot be cleaned by merely washing it, even if it is washed a hundred times By Guruís Grace, one remains dead while yet alive; his intellect is transformed, and he becomes detached from the world O Nanak, no filth sticks to him, and he does not fall into the womb again

Sikhism 7049 | 
Guru Amar Das Ji the third Guru reminds us that this mind is filthy due to the many wrong doings in the previous lives. When one attaches himself to Waheguru: the True Lord then only can one wash off the filth. When one is attached to Him then pain and joy are the same and one is able to connect with Him and is saved from reincarnation

P eople continue wandering through the cycle of 8.4 million incarnations; without the True Guru, liberation is not obtained Reading and studying, the Pandits and the silent sages have grown weary, but attached to the love of duality, they have lost their honor The True Guru teaches the Word of the Shabad; without the True One, there is no other at all

Sikhism 7048 | 
One who has a Guru (a spiritual teacher) can be guided to be taken out of the cycle of reincarnation. The 8.4 million life forms can take many births and rebirths. When one is with a Guru and follows the Gurus teachings then there is a chance that one will get out of the cycle of reincarnation

W hile rising up, and while lying down in sleep, the Lord is always with you, watching over you Remembering Him in meditation, the fear of Death departs.

Sikhism 7047 | 
The True Lord is everywhere. He is with all of us no matter what we are doing or where we are. Many fear death and are afraid of what happens when death approaches. Guru Arjan Dev Ji says when one meditates, then the fear of death departs

E go is a chronic disease, but it contains its own cure as well

Sikhism 7046 | 
Pride or ego is an obstacle to achieving spiritual bliss. Guru Nanak Dev Ji calls ego a disease. A disease which can be eradicated by meditation and remembrance of Waheguru: the True Guru. Do not let this disease take over, pray and meditate daily

F areed, if you have a keen understanding, then do not write black marks against anyone else Look underneath your own collar instead

Sikhism 7045 | 
ANG 1378 SGGSJi 
If one sees something in anotherís behaviour, say a weakness, one should not become judgemental. Check and see if you hold the same weakness. Refrain from counting the faults of other instead observe the good qualities in others and learn from them

L ive, live, live forever Rise early each day, and drink in the Nectar of the Lord With your tongue, chant the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, Har, Har.

Sikhism 7044 | 
ANG 1138 SGGSJi 
In this shabad Guru Arjan Dev Ji the fifth Guru shows us how to live a remarkable life. Doing the above daily one does not die to be reborn again and again. Instead one merges into His light and lives forever

T he Lordís Name does not abide within their hearts - their mothers should have been sterile These bodies wander around, forlorn and abandoned, without the Name; their lives waste away, and they die, crying out in pain

Sikhism 7043 | 
A very strong message from Guru Ram Das Ji the fourth Guru that those who do not remember the One Lord should not have come to this earth. They are wasting their lives and will suffer. One should never forget the True Lord and one must do good deeds and engage in meditation

O f all religions, the best religion is to chant the Name of the Lord and maintain pure conduct

Sikhism 7042 | 
Guru Arjan Dev Ji the fifth Guru reminds us that of all the religions the best is that of chanting the Lords name. In doing so one pleases the True God. One also maintains pure conduct. Remember Him in every breath and every morsel of food: He will be closer to you

T he remembrance of God is the highest and most exalted of all In the remembrance of God, many are saved

Sikhism 7041 | 
In all religions meditation on the Naam is emphasised and it is pivotal in attaining enlightenment. This is stated above by Guru Arjan Dev Ji the fifth Guru. One should make meditation part of their daily routines in order to be saved and be one with Him

T hose who committed sins are sure to be ruined Azraa-eel, the Angel of Death, seizes and tortures them

Sikhism 7040 | 
ANG 1019 SGGSJi 
Guru Arjan Dev Ji the fifth Guru tells us that when one commits sins that person will be ruined and at the time of death the angel of death will torture him / her. One should lead a truthful life and keep doing good deeds so that the angel of death does not even come near one

W andering around and making mistakes, I climb the plateau; having climbed the plateau, I go up the mountain But now I have lost my way, and I am wandering around in the forest; without the Guru, I do not understand If I wander around forgetting Godís Name, I shall continue coming and going in reincarnation, over and over again

Sikhism 7039 | 
Only with the guidance of a Guru can one find the path to Waheguru: the True God. Do not wander around, listen and follow the teachings of the Guru and one shall not be lost again in the cycle of reincarnation

Y ou shall be born and born again, and die and die again, only to be reincarnated again You shall suffer terrible punishment, on your way to the land beyond The mortal does not know the One who created him; he is blind, and so he shall suffer

Sikhism 7038 | 
ANG 1020 SGGSJi 
Guru Arjan Dev Ji the fifth Guru very strictly reminds us here that those who donít remember his / her creator and do not meditate will not only be in the cycle of reincarnation, they will also suffer pain and punishment on the way to the world hereafter. One should remember Waheguru: the True God at all times and then one shall not suffer

Y ou happily, cheerfully steal the possessions of others but the Lord God is with you, watching and listening Through worldly greed, you have fallen into the pit; you know nothing of the future

Sikhism 7037 | 
ANG 1020 SGGSJi 
Guru Arjan Dev Ji the fifth Guru talks about those who go about stealing and committing other wrongful deeds. Guru Ji reminds us that Waheguru: the True Lord is watching all the time, nothing can be hidden from Him. Greed has guided such people to fall and they have lost this precious life in wrong doings

O ne who turns away from the Guru, and becomes baymukh - without the True Guru, he shall not find liberation

Sikhism 7036 | 
One must have a Guru (a spiritual teacher) in order to gain liberation. If one turns away from the Guru then they will have no guidance to gain spiritual benefits and will not be one with Waheguru: the True Lord

R enouncing selfishness and conceit, he remains always on the side of the Guru; he does not know anyone except the Guru Says Nanak, listen, O Saints: such a Sikh turns toward the Guru with sincere faith, and becomes sunmukh

Sikhism 7035 | 
ANG 919 Ė 920 SGGSJi 
One has to give up selfish and egoistical behaviour and turn to their Guru (spiritual teacher). One who turns to their Guru and does as his / her Guru says becomes His devotee. One must do as the Guru says and remain one with Him

W ith my eyes, I have seen the Light of the Lord, but my great thirst is not quenched O Nanak, those eyes are different, which behold my Husband Lord

Sikhism 7034 | 
Guru Arjan Dev Ji the fifth Guru tells us about Darshan (seeing Him) of Waheguru the True Lord. One has to nurture their vision so that one can see the True Lord. The eyes that see Him are different to the ones that we see the world with

S uch is the service which the Lordís servant performs that he dedicates his soul to the Lord, to whom it belongs One who is pleasing to the Lord and Master is acceptable Such a servant obtains honor in the Court of the Lord

Sikhism 7033 | 
Guru Nanak Dev Ji the first Guru tells us above who a true servant of God is. Only those who are pleasing to the True Lord are accepted and once accepted true honour is obtained in the Court of the Lord. One should perform service by dedicating their soul to the True Lord and then only will one be accepted by the True Lord

S urrender body, mind, wealth, and everything to the Guru; obey the Order of His Will, and you will find Him Obey the Hukam of the Guruís Command, and sing the True Word of His Bani

Sikhism 7032 | 
Guru Amar Das Ji the third Guru tells us above how to become a true devotee. One should follow these instructions and follow the command of their spiritual teacher in order to gain acceptance by the True Lord

T he Lordís servant is the one who commits himself to the Guruís service, and dedicates his mind and body as an offering to Him He dedicates his mind and body to Him, placing great faith in Him; the Guru lovingly unites His servant with Himself

Sikhism 7031 | 
Guru Ram Das Ji the fourth Guru defines above who a true devotee is as one who has surrendered his body and mind to his Guru (spiritual teacher). A true devotee will not hesitate to do what a Guru asks of him / her. One should follow the instructions of his / her Guru and not do what oneís mind wants

T he hunger of the hungry is not appeased; by mere words, hunger is not relieved O Nanak, hunger is relieved only when one utters the Glorious Praises of the Praiseworthy Lord

Sikhism 7030 | 
Guru Nanak Dev Ji the first Guru tells us that nobody has satisfied their hunger through oneís senses. The hunger for pleasure can only be satisfied by singing praises of the True Lord. Then only can one merge into the true Lord and hunger will be satisfied

G od is present, right here at hand; why do you say that He is far away? Tie up your disturbing passions, and find the Beauteous Lord

Sikhism 7029 | 
ANG 1160 SGGSJi 
We are currently in the age of Kal yug Ė Age of the Dark. Guru Ji tells us to silent our inside noises so we can consciously mediate on the True God. In this dark age one must remember He is not far away and He can be attained through meditation. A scattered conscious will not attain spiritual benefit so Bhagat Kabir tells us to silent the inner noises and attain bliss

W hile you work at your job, on the road and at the beach, meditate and chant

Sikhism 7028 | 
Guru Arjan Dev Ji the fifth Guru tells us here to meditate and chant continuously. One may question how that can be done. If one accepts His hukum to chant then one will see that it is physically possible. If one doubts then one asks such questions and cannot perform meditation whole heartedly. Remember Him continually and accept His command

W hile standing up, and sitting down, and even while asleep, meditate on the Lord Walking on the Way, sing the Praises of the Lord

Sikhism 7027 | 
Devotional worship is stressed upon throughout Guru Jiís Bani Ė the teaching of the Gurus. One is advised to meditate continuously. Meditate at every opportunity so that one day you will become one with God

H e alone is a Sikh, a friend, a relative and a sibling, who walks in the Way of the Guruís Will One who walks according to his own will, O Siblings of Destiny, suffers separation from the Lord, and shall be punished

Sikhism 7026 | 
One must be mindful that when one is about to perform a deed or is about to say something first verify in your mind whether it will be acceptable to Guru Ji. If it is within the teachings of the Guru then go ahead. If not then refrain and do not say or do something that will lead to separation from the Lord and punishment endured

F areed, the farmer plants acacia trees, and wishes for grapes He is spinning wool, but he wishes to wear silk

Sikhism 7025 | 
ANG 1379 SGGSJi 
Bhagat Fareed Ji put this beautifully that although one commits bad and immoral deeds he / she still expects to have rewards from Waheguru: the True Lord. One must perform good deeds and be engaged in devotional worship if one wants to be rewarded and have a peaceful life

A s you plant, so shall you harvest; your destiny is recorded on your forehead

Sikhism 7024 | 
Yet another reminder that our actions in this life will determine whether we enjoy peace or endure pain. Our deeds are recorded and depending on good or bad karma our destiny will be recorded. One should plant what one is willing to harvest

R enounce false greed, and meditate single-mindedly on the unseen Lord As are the actions we commit, so are the rewards we receive

Sikhism 7023 | 
Guru Nanak Dev Ji advises us to meditate on Waheguru: the True Lord and to give up greed. Whatever actions we commit for satisfying our greed and whatever actions of devotion we do will be recorded. Punishments and/or rewards will be accordingly given. One should be mindful of oneís actions at all times

O ne who is pleasing to God shall not be reincarnated again

Sikhism 7022 | 
Guru Arjan Dev Ji the fifth Guru tells us to be pleasing to God. How are we pleasing to God? - By being absorbed in devotional worship of Waheguru: the True God and performing good deeds through selfless service. Then He will cut away the cycle of birth and rebirth. One shall not be reincarnated again

A s we act, so are the rewards we receive; no one can take the place of another

Sikhism 7021 | 
One is responsible for whatever deeds one performs or are carried out at their command. Guru Arjan Dev Ji the fifth Guru advises us that when one carries out good or bad deeds that person is answerable. No other person can step in to take the blame or credit. So one should think twice before performing any bad deeds

D onít do anything that you will regret in the end

Sikhism 7020 | 
Guru Amar Das Ji the third Guru advises us not to commit a deed that one may regret later. One should think seriously before committing a bad or immoral act

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