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I f others speak ill of you, let the worst they say seem a trifle; if you speak ill of others, let the trivial seem enormous.

Judaism quote 6481 |  Sifre (Midrash halakhah) 89b  

M an dies of idleness — and boredom.

Judaism quote 6482 |  Avot, 11  

A father suffers for the troubles of his son.

Judaism quote 6483 |  Midrash Sekhel Tov  

B y three things is the world sustained: justice, truth and peace.

Judaism quote 6485 |  1:17  

B enevolence is kindlier than charity.

Judaism quote 6486 |  Yerushalmi, Peah  

I will sing unto the Lord as long as I live.

Judaism quote 6491 |  104:33  

I t is better to eat herbs and fear no creditors, than eat meat and have to hide from them.

Judaism quote 6492 |  Pesachim 114a  

C ursed be he whose wife is faithful and himself is not!

Judaism quote 6493 |  Yerushalmi, Demai  

A ll that you do, do only out of love!

Judaism quote 6495 |  Sifre (Midrash halakhah)  

W hen a sharp sword is at his throat, a man does not listen to sense or logic.

Judaism quote 6496 | 

W ho has not savored sin has not been qualified for saintliness.

Judaism quote 6499 | 

A woman’s shame is greater than a man’s.

Judaism quote 6500 |  Ketubot  

T he poor of your own town should be preferred to those of another.

Judaism quote 6501 |  Bava Metzia  

T he door which is not opened for a beggar will open for a doctor.

Judaism quote 6502 |  Pesikta Rabati  

T he latter troubles make us forget the first.

Judaism quote 6503 |  Berakhot  

T he Sabbath was given for the study of the Torah.

Judaism quote 6504 |  Pesikta R. 22  

E verything can be imitated, except truth; for imitated truth is no longer truth.

Judaism quote 6505 | 

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