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Life and teaching of Huang Po

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Huang Po : Biography

A Chinese Zen Master and a forefather of the Rinzai school of Zen was Huang Po (d. 850). Zen Buddhism stresses the importance of enlightenment and the practice of knowing one's own mind through the practice of zazen, thought-free meditation. The Rinzai school stresses the use of a koan-a riddle which cannot be answered by the intellect-to bring the student beyond the mind into a state of sudden realization. Huang Po's lasting contribution was his non-dual philosophy called "Doctrine of the One Mind'

Source : Jonathan Star, The Inner Treasure

Huang Po : Bibliography

- Huang-po's Sermon, from 'Treatise on the Essentials of the Transmission of Mind,' " translated by D. T. Suzuki, in Manual of Zen Buddhism, pp. 112-119. The translation of about one-sixth of text "A" (loc. cit., pp. 379c.17-380c.20) in Suzuki's usual style.
- The Huang Po Doctrine of Universal Mind, translated by Chu Ch'an[ax] (London: The Buddhist Society, 1947), 52 pages. A translation of text "A" by John Blofeld, published under his pseudonym, Chu Ch'an. A straightforward, literal translation.

Huang Po : Links

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