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Life and teaching of Yoka Daishi
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Yoka Daishi : Biography

The Chinese Master Yoka Daishi (665-713) was said to have been in a state of perfect repose while walking, standing, sitting, and lying down. According to legend, he visited the great Zen Patriarch Hui-neng and attained complete realization in one night; and so he was called "master of the enlightenment attained in one night."

Source : Jonathan Star, The Inner Treasure

Yoka Daishi : Bibliography

- Yoka Daishi's 'Song of Enlightenment,' " translated by D. T. Suzuki, in Manual of Zen Buddhism, pp. 89-103.
- "Sho-Do-Ka by Yoka-Daishi," translated by Nyogen Senzaki[y] and Ruth Strout McCandless, in Buddhism and Zen, compiled, edited, and translated by Nyogen Senzaki and Ruth Strout McCandless (New York: The Philosophical Library, 1953), pp.31-72. A translation interspersed with extensive informal commentary.
- "Yung-Chia's Song of Experiencing the Tao," translated by Waiter Liebenthal, in Monumenta Serica, VI (1941), 1-39.

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