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I t is written: "And Abel, he also brought." The "he" is what he brought: he brought himself. Only when a man brings himself, too, is his sacrifice valid.

Judaism / Hassidism 2756 | 
Martin Buber’s ten rungs, collected Hassidic saying, p.53 

I n the Scriptures we read: "When any man of you bringeth an offering unto the Lord !' Only he who brings himself to God as an offering may be called man.

Judaism / Hassidism 2741 | 
Martin Buber’s ten rungs, collected Hassidic saying, p.19 

I am is a vain thought;
I am not is a vain thought;
I shall be is a vain thought;
I shall not be is a vain thought.

Buddhism 2506 | 
Majjhima Nikaya, 140 

N ot making special effort to like or to dislike does not mean not to like or dislike at all. A person behaving so would be devoid of consciousness. To say 'not to make a special effort' merely means that one's like and dislike completely follow the Principle of Nature and that one does not go on to attach to that situation a bit of selfish thought. This amounts to having neither likes nor dislikes.

Confucianism / Neo Confucianism 2441 | 
Wang Wen-ch'eng Kung ch'uan-shu, or Complete Works of Wang Yang-ming, Instruction for a Practical Living, 1: 47b-49b, in Wing-Tsit Chan, Chinese Philosophy, Chapter 35 

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