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Sheikh Muzaffer : Biography

Shaykh Muzaffer was born in Istanbul in 1916. His father, Hajji Mehmed Efendi of Qonya, was an Islamic scholar and a teacher at the court of Sultan Abdal-Hamid. His mother was the grand-daughter of Shaykh Seyyid Efendi, the spiritual master of the Halveti Order in the town of Yanbolu. On his father's death, when he was only six years old, Muzaffer was taken into the care of Shaykh Seyyid Samiyyi Saruhani of the Qadiri, Naqshbandi, Ushaki and Halveti Orders. From an early age, he studied the Qur`an, the recorded actions and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad and Islamic Law, under the guidance of the spiritual leader of the Fateh mosque in Istanbul and Arnavut Husrev. Hafiz Islamil, the some of the famous musician Zekai Efendi of the Mevlavi Order, taught him many religious hymns and odes. Later on he was appointed as the spiritual leader of the Veznejiler mosque, where he served for 23 years. When that mosque collapsed and was destroyed, he was appointed as the spiritual leader of the mosque in the Covered Bazaar in Istanbul. As well as being the spiritual leader in these two mosques, he also taught and preached to people in 42 other mosques in Istanbul, including the famous Blue Mosque.

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