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Life and teaching of Al-Junayd

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Al-Junayd : Biography

Imam Junayd al-Baghdadi (d. 910) was born in Nihawand in Persia, but his family settled in Baghdad where he studied Islamic Law according to the school of Imam Shafi'i, and eventually became a chief judge in Baghdad. In Sufi discipline, he was the close follower of his uncle, Shaykh as-Sari as-Saqti. Although he was the spiritual master of Mansur al-Hallaj, he was obliged, in his capacity as chief judge of Baghdad, to sign the warrant authorizing the execution of al-Hallaj. On it he wrote: 'Under Islamic Law, he is guilty. According to the Inner Reality, God knows.'

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Al-Junayd : Bibliography

- Abdel-Kader, Dr. Ali Hassan. The Life, Personality and Writings of Al-Junayd. London: Luzac & Company, 1976: Excellent study of one of the leading figures in 9th century Baghdad, one of the most important early Sufi centers. The life, sources, personality, writings, and doctrine of al-Junayd (d. 910), as well as background material on the Sufi School of Baghdad. Contains a translation of his Rasa'il (letters).

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