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Attar : Biography

Attar (1119 - 1230?) saint and mystic, one of the most voluminous authors in Persian literature on religious topics. His best-known work, Conference of the Birds, is an elaborate allegory of the soul's quest for reunion with God

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Attar : Bibliography

- Attar, Farid ad-Din. Conference of the Birds. Translated by Afkham Darbandi and Dick Davis. London: Penguin Books, 1984: Attar's (c. 1120-c. 1220) epic poem tells of a conference attended by all types of birds, who pose a series of questions to their leader, the hoopoe. The stories he tells in reply are allegories for the spiritual quest and its pitfalls.
- Attar, Farid ad-Din. The Ilahi-Nama: or, Book of God of Farid al-Din Attar. Translated by John Andrew Boyle. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1976: This epic poem symbolically describes the spiritual journey of the Sufis in terms of the heavenly journey of the Prophet Muhammad, a story which was well known to all Muslims at the time.
- Attar, Farid ad-Din. Muslim Saints and Mystics: Episodes From the Tadhkirat al-Auliya (Memorial of the Saints). Translated by A. J. Arberry. London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1966: Inspirational stories from the lives of the earliest Sufis by the great 13th century Persian Sufi poet, Farid ad-Din Attar. The most famous work of its type.

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