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Life and teaching of Ibn 'Arabi

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Ibn 'Arabi : Biography

Ibn 'Arabi was born in Murcia in Spain, and his family moved to Seville when he was eight. He experienced an extraordinary mystical "unveiling" (kashf) or "opening" (fotuh) at about the age of fifteen; this is mentioned in his famous account of his meeting with Averroes (Addas, pp. 53-58; Chittick, 1989, pp. xiii-xiv). Only after this original divine "attraction" (jadhba) did he begin disciplined Sufi practice (soluk), perhaps at the age of twenty (Addas, p. 53; Chittick, 1989, pp. 383-84). Ibn 'Arabi studied the traditional sciences, Hadith in particular, with many masters; he mentions about ninety of these in an autobiographical note (Badawi). In 597/1200 he left Spain for good, with the intention of making the hajj.


Ibn 'Arabi : Bibliography

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Ibn 'Arabi : Portraits

Ibn Arabi
Ibn 'Arabi
Ibn Arabi
Ibn 'Arabi

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