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The Psalm : History

The Book of Psalm (10th-3rd centuries B. C.)' it is a collection of sacred songs which has been aptly called "the immortal song-book of the human heart." Through its 150 hymns it captures the feeling and spirit of the Old Testament: tracing Jewish history~ giving the essential teachings of the prophets, honoring the Law, and running the gamut of religious feeling-from anguish and despair to devotion, faith, and love for God. Because of its rich spirituality and depth of religious feeling, the Psalms are embraced, by all people and form a common ground for the Jewish and Christian faiths. Although the authors of the Psalms are unknown, about half the songs are attributed to King David.
Five books of the Bible-Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Job, The Wisdom of Solomon, and Ecclesiasticus (The Wisdom of Sirach) make up what is known as the Wisdom Literature. This is a group of writings filled with pithy sayings, universal teachings, spiritual insights, and praises of the creative power of God known as Sophia, Wisdom.


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