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Life and teaching of Buddha Sakyamuni

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Buddha Sakyamuni : Biography

the enlightened One, usual title given to the founder of Buddhism. He is also called the Tathagata [he who has come thus], Bhagavat [the Lord], and Sugata [well-gone]. He probably lived from 563 to 483 B.C. The story of his life is overlaid with legend, the earliest written accounts dating 200 years after his death (see Buddhist literature).

His given name was Siddhartha and his family name Gautama (or Gotama). He was born the son of a king of the Sakya clan of the Kshatriya, or warrior, caste (hence his later epithet Sakyamuni, “the sage of the Sakyas”) in the Himalayan foothills in what is now S Nepal. It was predicted at his birth that he would become either a world ruler or a world teacher; therefore his father, King Suddhodana, who wished Siddhartha to succeed him as ruler, took great pains to shelter him from all misery and anything that might influence him toward the religious life.

Siddhartha spent his youth in great luxury, married, and fathered a son. The scriptures relate that at the age of 29, wishing to see more of the world, he left the palace grounds in his chariot. He saw on successive excursions an old man, a sick man, a corpse, and a mendicant monk. From the first three of these sights he learned the inescapability of suffering and death, and in the serenity of the monk he saw his destiny. Forsaking his wife, Yashodhara, and his son, Rahula, he secretly left the palace and became a wandering ascetic.


Buddha Sakyamuni : Portraits

Buddha Sakyamuni
Buddhas of Three times (Mahakachyapa,Shakyamuni and Maitrey). In the very center of the painting it glorifies the image of Shakyamuni and his two great disciples, Shariputra and Maudgalyana. Above the central triad are small figures of Mahakachyapa and Maitreya, as Buddhas respectively representing the past and future.
Buddha Sakyamuni
Buddha Sakyamuni
Buddha Sakyamuni
La naissance du Bouddha et ses premiers pas (peinture Tibétaine du 18ième)
Buddha Sakyamuni
Le Bouddha en paranirvana (peinture Tibétaine du 18ième)
Confucius Laozi Boudhha
Le Bouddha enfant avec Laozi et Confucius(à droite) (peinture Chinoise du 18ième)
Buddha Sakyamuni
Le Bouddha prechant devant Subhuti, son vieux disciple, illustration du Sutra du Diamand, Dunhuang, dynastie Tang, Chine
Confucius Laozi Bouddha
Confucius, Sakyamuni, and Laozi by Josetsu
Buddha Sakyamuni
La victoire de Bouddha sur Mara, le malin. Détail d'une peinture murale thailandaise du XIXe siecle.
Buddha Sakyamuni
Le Bouddha vu par Redon.

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